Brenna Tyler Fine Art

As I continue to develop a deeper understanding of self, I realize how strongly my search is related to my state of mind. I define this through my adoption, where I live, my amazing family, dear friends, wonderful community, horses, and art. Knowing this, I've recognized that honesty continues to be a constant virtue that reminds me of the importance of my personal individuality.  

Honestly sharing and expressing myself through art allows me to feel whole and be present in my life. Being honest creates an opportunity for me to seek an open heart, pursue an open mind,  better understand introspection, and appreciate life. I am an individual with strengths and weaknesses who is constantly transforming in this journey of life. 
As I strive to live my truth, I believe in my inner strength and am grateful for every moment, everyone, and everything. With honor and respect for all the past and all the future, I accept and embrace the present. When nothing seems to stay the same for very long in this ever changing world, there is one thing that is always consistent...   My present is my pure and honest state of being.