Bronze is an Experience for Everyone

Life's ups and downs fill my heart with intention to be all I can be. An empowering goal in the purpose of my existence, is to create art that impacts others in their own way. Sculpture is a rare occasion that grants this liberty. Bronze sculpture exists from generations past to generations to come. A single statue has the potential to not only effortlessly engage a massive group of people, but also impact each and every individual in an extremely different way. Capable and readily uncomplicated, sculpture can be perceived by everyone regardless of things that can segregate us; such as our class, age, color of skin, or the languages we speak. The first glimpse or touch of a sculpture creates an impression. What we translate from that moment is always perfect because it is undeniably personal. Sculpture has an innate capacity. Communicating through everlasting art is wondrous.

Mountain King

10'H X 10'L X 5'W

Limited edition bronze $130,000

Western Spirit

7'H X 9'L X 4'W

Limited edition bronze $120,000

Sky Dancer

35"H X 36"L X 10"W

Limited edition bronze $14,000


23"H X 25"L X 14"W

Limited edition bronze $9,500


34"H X 34"L X 14"W

Limited edition bronze $14,000

River Dancer

8"H X 32"L X 7"W

Limited edition bronze $6,000

Dream Dancer

33"H X 24"L X 10"W

Limited edition bronze $16,000

Sterling Legacy

8'H X 10'L X 3'W

One of a kind bronze with glass $125,000


Wind Dancer

25"H X 34"L X 9"W

Limited edition bronze $11,500

Fire Dancer

40"H X 29"L X 6"W

Limited edition of 15 is

Sold Out

(Newly released AP is sold @ $25,000)


14"H X 14"L X 10"W

Limited edition bronze $4,000


35"H X 33"L X 20"W

Limited edition bronze $12,000

Desert Spirit

36" H X 38" L X 7"W

Limited edition bronze $13,500


16"H X 38"L X 7"W

Limited edition bronze $8,500


29"H X 13.5"L X 13.5"W

Limited edition bronze $8,500


46"H X 20"L X 20"W

Limited edition bronze $15,000

Wind Runner

10"H X 26"W

Limited edition bronze

Sold Out


21"H X 16"L X 4.5"W

Limited edition bronze

Sold Out


24"H X 16"L X 6"W

Limited Edition of 18 & Artist Proofs

Sold Out

Peace Foal

16.5"H X 8"L

Limited edition bronze $900


13.5"H X 16"L X 13.5"W

Limited edition bronze $4,000

Bronze Elk Fireplace Screen

This custom bronze elk scene by Brenna Tyler has been collected, but if you are interested in a special bronze that is unique for your needs contact Brenna Tyler.

The Gift of Bronze

May it be a new addition to enhance your home, sculptural beauty to improve your landscape, investment for your collection, a trophy for your event, or a special gift for you to give during an anniversary, wedding, birthday, etc...

Brenna is excited to hear your dream and happy to help your wish come true.

Brenna Tyler Bronzes are created to spread joy!


The Bronze titled "Western Spirit" is wrapped and carefully loaded for travel & delivery to it's new home.

Really exciting Day!

Contact Brenna or galleries to purchase a Brenna Tyler Bronze

To request a private commission contact Brenna at:

(541) 786- 9229

Phinney Gallery of Fine Art

17 S. Main in Joseph, Oregon


129 W Palace Ave. in Santa Fe, New Mexico


204 Wisconsin Ave. in Whitefish, Montana


Brenna Tyler Bronze collectors:

One of a kind bronzes are 1/1. Being the #1 and only without an edition and will never be available again.

The value of limited edition bronzes with limited AP's (artist proofs) often appreciate as the edition and AP's sell over time. The current value of the limited editions and AP's are updated on this page.