Life is Inspiration.


It has been very hard for me to find the words when people ask me what I do as a profession. When I reply that I sculpt and paint, it almost feels dishonest to respond with such a punitive answer for what this means to me. With much thought, I believe I must attempt to express what I do as honestly as I can...

Making art has been an essential element to my design as a being. An invaluable piece to my dreams, ideas, and mentality. Art continues to invite possibility and ignite endless opportunities. I constantly learn from these circumstances and am often humbled by making mistakes. I am so grateful for my art's accomplishments in the same way I would be grateful of a young horse or a good friend doing their best.

Art has been with me since I was born. It has accompanied me every second of my life as I persist and evolve. It has become one of my many passions that set me free and allows me to lose myself without thought or time. Like hope and promise, I know that my art exists within me.

Like love, my art is it's own entity that must speak for itself.

Brenna Tyler Fine Art Paintings Gallery

Below are some examples of Brenna Tyler paintings. All of these paintings have been collected. Contact Brenna or the galleries if you are interested in available paintings.

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