Western Spirit

The ranch is located beneath the foothills of Craig mountain, a continuous expression of vitality & beauty.


Duane & Barbara Tyler adopted me from Father Keane's orphanage in Seoul Korea when I was a baby. Their love and compassion is why I have a family. Dad is a cowboy with an amazing heart and mom is a social worker who lives to help others. They're why I'm at home in a place so far from my birth. Kicking T Ranch is one of their legacies and the family brand constitutes my parents courageous morale and spirited enthusiasm for life.

Bill and Lucy Kimbro have been angels in my life since I was very small. They've been devoted teachers, committed to the education of others with their patient and generous spirits. When I arrived from Korea, Bill owned and farmed the neighboring ranch and Lucy hosted a baby shower for my mom and I. I've always felt blessed that they were entrusted as my god parents. Fifteen years ago, I married their oldest son Jake.

I know that I owe the success of my life and art to the people who believe in me. Jake and I cherish our family and are also very grateful for Father Keane's Orphanage for valuing Amerasian orphans. I am so grateful that they cared and protected me until I found a loving home.

All has led to now.

A Little Gallery of Life

The landscape of the ranch creates a beautiful place to live, but time here with family makes it a home.